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Pattaya Beach has been known as the playground for adults ever since it was rediscovered in modern times. This sleepy fishing village on the eastern seaboard of Thailand turned into a wild West of the East during the Vietnam War era. This website strives to be the most informative travel guide and information provider about the sin city which has become one of the top playground for adults from around the globe so please allow us to be your trip advisor of Pattaya Thailand.

Many are trying hard to promote Pataya as a city or even a family resort, but the fact remains that it remains the nightlife hub of South-East Asia with hundreds of beer bars, night clubs, agogos and discotheques and tourists flocking here for sunny weather, cheap booze and most important of all, the very beautiful Thai girls, so the main attraction has always been the night life in this beach town.

This website aims to provide you all kinds of free travel information about the magic of Pattaya which keeps attracting visitors, especially single visitors from all over the world.

Divided mainly between North and South Patthaya, where north would be the Naklua Road which has the Naklua and Wongamart Beaches whereas the south being the actual Pattaya Beach in Thailand which has all the action including the X-Zone such as Walking Street and Soi 6, 7, 8 etc. The other parts would be the Second and Third Road, along with Soi Buakhao and LK Metro areas which run inbetween through the same length plus the Pratumnak Hill (also known as the Big Buddha Mountain) which then leads to Jomtien Beach and finally for those who like to stay away from all the nightlife, bars, gogos and discos prefer to stay on the eastern side which is also known as the "Dark Side".

Accommodation in Pattaya city comes to suit all tastes and budgets; from luxurious hotels and resorts to luxury villas, from cheap guesthoues and apartments to high-end condominiums and houses for daily rental or you could also rent by the month or year. With the influx of large numbers of condo and housing projects sprouting in and around the town the trend shows that more and more tourists are beginning to buy or rent condos and house to be able to stay longer by using these cheap modes of accomodation.

Easiest way to travel around the town would be to use the dark blue coloured local buses called the Baht Bus (known as Song Thaew in Thai language), these vehicles are actually modified pickup trucks which are given a roof and steps and are open-air, as compared to the air-conditioned taxis which have now been introduced as well. But just like the Tuk-Tuks in Bangkok which are actually modified / customized motorbikes turned into a rickshaw, one should be careful and negotiate a price properly before chartering a Baht Bus and if you're just traveling as usual with other passengers then a 20 Baht general pricing per person per ride would apply. Although there rumours around this tiny beach town that the City Hall is planning a mono-rail as well, fingers crossed!

The other modes of transportation would be the Motorbike Taxis, not the safest but handy when you need to get somewhere fast. Apart from these, self-service is always the best so if you think you can drive through the treacherous local roads and the overwhelming traffic then you can always hire a motorcycle or moped and there are also many travel agencies available which offer holiday car hire and rent-a-car services. The same Travel Agents can also help arrange local sightseeing tours and excursions as well as arrange domestic flight / air ticket bookings if you wish to travel to other tourist attractions of Thailand.

The domestic airport is called the Utapao Airport and enables you to directly travel to Koh Samui Island and Phuket. However, in order to fly to other destinations inside the country, for example, Chiangmai, Chiangrai, Krabi, Hua Hin etc., you will have to return to Bangkok's Don Muang or Suvarnabhumi Airports which is simply an hour and a half (90 minutes) drive away.

Weather in Pattaya is always hot and humid. From January till March the weather is normally pleasant to hot, whereas April and May are considered the hottest months of all; June, July and August are officially the monsoon season, along with some sporadic showers in September; finally the temperature cools down a bit from October onwards and November being the second coolest month of the year whereas December could be called the coolest although the temperature still remains in 30° celsius range. Overall the temperature stays in the 30's (roughly 85 degrees fahrenheit and above) throughout the year making this beach city a heaven for sun lovers!

Laying in Wait At The Beach Beer Bar - an article by Bunker In Pattaya

Laying in Wait At The Beach Beer Bar in Pattaya - an article by Bunker In Pattaya.
Bunker In Pattaya, a famous write of books about Pattaya was passing by a beer bar outside Soi 8 during one of the evenings, witnessing this funny sight of a girl lying on the pool table. Read More >>

TukCom Pattaya

TukCom Pattaya Beach - Computer, Mobile Phone and IT Center
TukCom Pattaya is the largest IT Center in the town. Tuk-Com itself means Computer Building in Thai Language and the building is located on the South Pattaya Road. TukCom is not only about computers and laptops but its about everything from the IT Sector including mobile phones, software and accessories. Read More >>

Songkran Water Festival 2012 in Pattaya

Songkran Pattaya Water Festival 2012
Yes, it is that time of the year again which some people really hate and most of us really love. Hot weather, ice-cold water and extremely hot girls of Pattaya in their wet clothes. Read More >>

Go Karting in Pattaya beach Thailand

Go Kart in Pattaya by Easy Kart near Bali Hai Pier
A well laid out Go Karting track in Pattaya by Easy Kart, conveniently located near the Bali Hai Pier at the end of Walking Street. Read More >>

List of links about information related to Pattaya

List of links about information related to Pattaya
We are continuously looking for businesses in and around Pattaya city and information about Pattaya which we can list on this site to provide continuously updated information about Pattaya city to our readers and visitors from all over the globe, so here's a list of useful links and resources to local businesses and places of interest which will help you to explore Pattaya further. Read More >>



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