Go Karting in Pattaya beach Thailand by Easy Kart near Bali Hai Pier at the end of Walking Street.
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Go Karting in Pattaya beach Thailand by Easy Kart

Quite a well laid out track for Go Karting in Pattaya is brought to you by the designers of Easy Kart. The track offers a moderate difficulty level for drivers of all ages and skill levels as it not just provides various curves and turns, including U-Turns, a almost 360 degree round-about type of a turn around a beautiful ages old tree. One of the most favourites would be the under-pass tunnel and more than one of their amazing long straight-runs.

Go Karting in Pattaya beach, Thailand, by Easy Kart.

Located conveniently near the Bali Hai Pier, you can either go through the Pattaya Third Road and over the bridge or simply through the Walking Street, walk or drive (depending what time of day it is) all the way to the end of the Walking Street, turn left at Bali Hai and over the bridge. Easy Kart is open from late mornings until early evenings so you can choose to enjoy your ride either during day-light or after the sunset.

Location / Map of Go Kart

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