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Laying in Wait At The Beach Beer Bar
- by Bunker In Pattaya.

On the Pattaya Beach Road, nestled in between the Pattaya Police Headquarters and Soi 8, you will find a collection of hot beer bars. Which, I'm very pleased to add, is full of even hotter girls. It's a complex, similar in layout to the Best Friend Bar location just before the Walking Street, also on the Beach Road. So, not only does Soi 8 continue to rock, there is another rocking little area just around the corner. You can sit, almost on the street, and enjoy Happy Hour watching the marvelous Pattaya sunsets. It's a great spot to unwind with a drink in hand and, of course, a little hottie chic, sat by your side.

Girl lying on a Pool Table of a beach bar in Pattaya - Photograph Courtesy of Bunker in Pattaya.

One of my favorite Beer Bars located here is the fascinatingly named “Beach Bar”. How did they think of that name (smile). The location is about 10 meters from the sea. The actual bar is about ten meters from the road giving you an option of sitting out the front. People watching, sunset watching and, of course, watching those BIB pulling over motor cyclists outside the police station for not wearing their crash helmets. At least they don't have far to go to pay their fine. Or you can sit inside the body of the bar, where you can watch, depending on what time you arrive, the bar girls eating and applying their make-up.

There is plenty of seating and a pool table which takes pride of place in the center of the Beach Bar. The girls are always up for a challenge with tourists. Be careful though. A few have been playing since before puberty and they just might whip your ass. Which, could be fun and may even lead to you whipping her ass later? If you are lucky. As you can see from the picture, the bar girl next in line for the tourist challenge, lies in wait on the table. It's up to you to move in and take the challenge. Don't delay. Get down to the Beach Bar and take the pool challenge with the hot babes, enjoy a chilled beer and have a great time in Pattaya.



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