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Tuk Com Pattaya (a.k.a. IT & Computer Center)

Imagine travelling half way around the world, just after arriving in Pattaya and checking into your favourite hotel, you realize that you have forgotten one of your important IT gadgets. Well, worry you not because Pattaya beach has its very own IT Centre for all your Information Technology related needs and is named very simply as Tuk Com (which in Thai language means, Tuk as a Building and Com stands for Computer).

Tuk Com IT Center in Pattaya beach - Thailand

The Ground Floor comprises of cafes such as S&P Bakery and Restaurant, Starbucks Coffee Shop, local banks such as Siam Commercial and Siam City, there's a corner at the entrance for ATM Machines from various banks, there's also a small McDonald's outlet, Se-ed Book Store, Giordano's Fashion Store, Hot Pot Restaurant, Mister Donut, a store selling Audio CDs, DVDs and Blue-Rays of the latest movies, there's also a Sony Shop making it easy to buy your latest Sony gear including PSP (Play Station Portable) and other Play Station peripherals and there are many other tiny Kiosks selling various other things.

The First Floor in Tukcom is devoted to Mobile Phones, Smart Phones, Tablets and accessories. Don't be suprised but you will be able to find phones from all the eras of mobile technology including the latest iPhone, Blackberry and Samsung Android models. iPads and Android Tablets are also readily available on this level for sale but the best part is that you will be able to purchase brand new items as well as second hand.

Location / Map of TukCom

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